Which tree limb goes, which one stays? Which trees do you plant and which trees call for removal? As you stand in the dappled shade, admiring your trees and pondering such questions, let's not forget to call on a certified arborist and true tree advocate like Kevin MacKenzie. With over 25 years of experience, Kevin leads the locally-owned Portland tree service company Overlook Tree Preservation: a hard working team of experts dedicated to caring for your trees with the respect they deserve and providing the best tree service in Portland. If you're looking for tree care, preservation, tree removal, pruning, trimming or emergency tree and branch removal, Kevin and his team of arborists are ready to help with all your tree service needs.
Man felling Tree — Tree Preservation in Portland, OR
Man Sawing Tree Stump — Tree Preservation in Portland, OR


Figuring out which Portland area tree care company to call can seem as daunting as climbing the ladder and clearing some limbs yourself. Experience and arboricultural certification is a must. A roster of satisfied tree clients helps ease concerns. But when it comes right down to it, wouldn't you feel better knowing you're entrusting your trees to a real tree advocate? Someone who has spent years caring for many different varieties and species?

Meet Kevin MacKenzie. A certified arborist and long-time lover of trees, Kevin was once a partner in Mt. View Tree Service (the most reputable tree service company on Vancouver Island) and later spent five years at two tree service companies in the Portland area. But with over 25 years of experience and a belief in a more caring approach to tree care, he made a decision-It was time to go out on a limb and create Overlook Tree Preservation.

We're a small, local tree service company as passionate about trees as our founder. And we believe you can't truly be an advocate for trees unless you use sustainable tree care and green practices. This not only goes for how we care for your trees: climbing without spurs (after all, what good is caring for the tree if you hurt it on the way up). And when it's necessary to perform a tree removal, we can even mill trees into usable boards and leave the fresh, nutrient-rich mulch, made from chipping the debris, for your garden. Okay, so we love trees. But what about our customers? Well, we love you too. As exciting as it is to see a tree looking its best again, what we really look forward to is the expression on people's faces when they see the results: a beautiful tree and a yard that looks untouched.


Kevin likes to leave something in remembrance of the tree. After all, it only took hours to take down but years for it to grow. When ever possible, he'll leave a chair or stool, or plant another tree. When time permits, Kevin can make a table, bench or get creative depending on the client. Below you'll find some of our favorite pieces.


Just because a tree has to go doesn't mean its wood should too. Millions of board feet per year are wasted in the urban forest. Most of it becomes firewood or goes to the dump. What a waste. When ever possible, if the wood's in good shape (it often is) and you're up for it, we can have it milled into lumber for a home remodel, new home construction or whatever you might use it for. It provides enormous sentimental value and can be a great story at dinner.